Reseberättelser / Road Trips

Here You can read about actual roadtrips made by us or our customers:

“Road trip! Those two simple words create a great sense of excitement. What sort of adventure will we have? What amazing things will we do and see? In the camper we rented from Solhem Husbil we had the freedom to drive and explore. This was the best way to experience the beautiful countries of Sweden and Norway!

One of the great advantages was that we were free to choose which route we would take. Whether we were crossing over mountains, meandering along the coast, weaving in and out of cities, or exploring the twists and turns of the fjords. Rain, sun, snow, fog….we easily and comfortably travelled in any weather.
Some of our favorite drives were near Aurland and through the longest road tunnel. The valley between Ardal and Utvik was amazing! Huge waterfalls cascaded down the cliffs. Also, the drive along the islands, through undersea tunnels, and over the bridges that led us to Runde was captivating. There we had the spectacular experience of coming face to face with hundreds of puffins and other beautiful birds.
Not only did we experience the amazing landscapes, waterfalls, and nature, but we were also able to catch glimpses of the fascinating wildlife. Deer, elk, sheep, goats, otters, puffins, even a moose!
Fishing was also a very enjoyable part of the trip. As soon as we saw a good fishing spot we would stop, cast a few times and normally, within just a few minutes, we already had a fish on. By the time we were finished we had several beautiful fish. Because the camper was right there, we had the convenience of cleaning them right away and cooking them. Or we could also keep them in the fridge to be eaten later. That is the great thing about traveling in the camper. Since you bring your home with you, you can bring all your favorite foods and whenever you see a great spot you can stop and prepare a delicious meal. If you have good weather you can start up the BBQ and sit outside with the chairs and table provided with the camper. Or if it’s a little chilly you can have a lovely dinner inside, admiring the beautiful view from the large picture window at the dining table.

Imagine every night camping alongside a river, lake, or by the sea. Or parking on the edge of the most amazing fjord. Smell the fresh crisp air and taste the crystal clear waters. This was truly an experience of a lifetime. So many stories to tell and memories to cherish!

Thank you Solhem Husbil!

Alex, Jenny, Jack & Sue 2013″


“Wow!!! That one little word sums up our 2013 Thomas Family “trip of a lifetime? to Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. We thought a road trip in motorhomes through Norway and Sweden during June of 2013 sounded like a lot of fun, so we began searching for a reputable company from which to rent two larger motorhomes. We found Solhem Husbil located in Balsta, Sweden, and began corresponding by email with Darek. Darek answered our many questions concerning the rental of the motorhomes, as well as, our questions about travel from the airport to the rental company.

Our family traveled from the US states of Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, and Oklahoma. Upon arrival to Arlanda Airport in Stockholm, we went to Terminal 5 bus stop, and took an hour ride through the countryside on Bus 579 to Balsta Station, then a short taxi ride to Solhem Husbil, and began our paperwork and orientation of the motorhomes. Darek explained such things as how to light the gas cooktop, operate the heater, how to set the traveling modes necessary for the refrigerator and water pump, the operation of the toilet, and how to make the dinette into a bed. We chose to have Solhem Husbil supply our dishes, flatware, glasses, cookware, bedding, pillows, and towels for each motorhome. In less than an hour at Solhem Husbil, we were on our way!

With our GPS, compliments of Solhem Husbil, we traveled to L?ngholmens Husbilscamping in Stockholm where we camped for three days while exploring the museums, churches, and palaces of Stockholm. This campground was located along a canal and proved to be in a perfect location with plenty of showers, toilets, and within short walking distance to the subway and bus system.

After our adventures in Stockholm, we spent the next six days amazed at the scenery while touring from Stockholm to Oslo, Norway and then on to Aurland through the Laerdal Tunnel, the world?s longest tunnel, Flam, across the Sognefjord by ferry, to the Nigardsbreen Glacier, Lom, Geiranger, Trollstigen, Lillehammer, and then back to Oslo enjoying the breathtaking vistas, the plethora of gorgeous waterfalls, and many beautiful churches.

During our second week we ventured back to Sweden, where we traveled along the coast to Fiskebackskil, Gothenburg, Malmo, Copenhagen, Denmark (by train from Hyllie), Ystad, Karlskrona, Kalmar, the Glass Blowing Kingdom, and back to Stockholm. We enjoyed the many castles, fortresses, beautiful farmlands, ocean views, churches, coastal and country communities, and the amazing architecture of Sweden along the way.

The motorhomes proved to be very easy to maneuver and comfortable to drive. Our motorhome had 2 bunks in the rear and an overhead sleeping area above the driver?s seat. Each motorhome had plenty of sleeping room for 5 adults in each when using the dinette as a bed. Given it doesn?t get dark until well after our bedtime, it was very beneficial having room darkening shades on each of the windows. We were concerned that we might get a little chilly at night in Norway, but we were provided with plenty of comforters as covering. The beds were comfortable and each of the bunks had its own privacy curtain.

We traveled about 4500 km through Sweden and Norway visiting many fjords, drove over three of the historical scenic byways while in Norway, and crossed two fjords by ferry. The motorhomes had plenty of power to get us up the steep walls of the fjords on the harrowingly narrow roads and also across the highest mountain pass in northern Europe. We were able to maneuver the motorhomes within Stockholm, but parking proved to be a challenge within the larger cities of Sweden.

Most nights we parked the motorhomes in roadside rest areas, but did use campgrounds occasionally. The motorhomes provided us with very hot water for our showers and washing dishes. We found it easy to cook breakfast and dinner for a family of 11 using the range tops in the motorhomes. The BBQ grill provided us with delicious hot dogs, sausages, and hamburgers. Some evenings we gathered sticks and toasted marshmallows over the BBQ! The refrigerator was large enough to hold our food for a few days and made it unnecessary to shop for groceries daily, although we found ourselves shopping for snacks, soda, and pastries quite frequently.

We traveled from the US to Sweden using rolling collapsible duffels as our luggage. Each motorhome had ample storage area for the empty collapsible luggage in the exterior storage area under the lower bunk, which also contained 4 chairs and a table that we used most evenings when we camped. Within the motorhome, there were many cabinets in which to store our clothes and food.

For some, the emptying of the toilet waste can be an issue. With the system in Solhem Husbil?s motorhomes, it was very simple. Some rest areas provide toilet dump stations, but other times we used the dump stations in the campgrounds. To keep the necessity of dumping to a minimum, we used public restrooms whenever possible. Water was needed daily for the motorhomes and we either located it at gas stations or at campgrounds where we paid about 50 sek to fill both motorhomes, if we were not spending the night there.

Traveling by motorhome allowed us the freedom to stop and enjoy the many waterfalls, beautiful buildings, fortresses, scenic turnouts, and other sights along our route. We didn?t worry about checking in and out of hotels, as we had our room with us each day! Meals were a snap to prepare and kept our costs down considerably by not eating in restaurants. Our family enjoyed visiting and playing games with each other at the comfortable dinette in each motorhome and winding down after a day of travel around the outdoor BBQ.

During our entire adventure we never encountered any problems with the motorhomes and returning the motorhomes was extremely easy. We would recommend anyone thinking of taking a road trip adventure in Sweden or Norway to definitely rent from Solhem Husbil.

Winkel Family 2013″